I like to think of ourselves as bubbles. I like to see thoughts and feelings like bubbles. And the whole world also, as just a bubble. Bubbles can be very strong but they can pop. Our whole world can pop, our identity can pop. They can change in color, shape and number too. They can hang around each other or hit each other. But they are made of nothing and that’s what matters. When they pop, nothing is left. I also like to think we are playing in a bubble game so they will keep appearing anyway. Having seen their nothingness, it is possible to decide what shape and color they will appear at, according to what feels right for each of us, uniquely. Before that, when they are believed to be real and fixed, it is difficult to make any lasting change. There is struggle, failures and sometimes, more hateful bubbles are created out of trying to make them beautiful.  

In my bubble, meaning what I think and believe, we can transform what appears real and live a more peaceful and loving life.

First we must see the nothingness of the bubbles and that is available right here right now. It is available to everybody no matter their personal bubble.

Then, new behaviors will come out of that seeing. 

A bubble cannot change itself. The change comes from the nothingness, through the bubble.  Bubbles are made of nothing appearing something. Bubbles are made of the unlimited but appear limited and change within their limitations. Appearing as an imperfect human body bubble, is perfect for this game. And true change is possible if we also see that. Bubbles are the way, they are not in our way, preventing us from happiness. They will change and take a loving shape and color if we love them. They are the love of our life, the one we are looking for, the one that will show us the way beyond them.  We are looking for our own love, our own power, our own presence but we ask other bubbles to give it to us. We think the bubbles appearing outside of ourselves (people, money, food, sex, clothes, good looks, success, thoughts …) can and will give us happiness. While we have it already. It is what is when we stop believing that bubbles are absolute truth. Only when their emptiness is seen can we enjoy the game and its people, money, clothes, good looks, jobs, events, foods…We go for them for the love of the game. Not anymore because they will fix us.     

This is the way I see things. This is my truth at the moment I write it. It is not truth. I don’t believe there is one truth common to everyone. Truth is a bubble too. It can pop, it can change. I wish to share mine because it helps me live by it. The more I focus on it, the better I feel and the more it takes a peaceful and happy shape. It feels like freedom. And if anyone relates with it and wants to know more about it, great. I am happy if I can benefit my world bubble.

So, welcome in my bubble! I hope you enjoy it and find it valuable for your own truth, your own bubble <3                    

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