To me, the law of attraction is not an absolute truth. It is true in the dream but the dream is not true. It is duality and not complete without non-duality.   Teachings about the law of attraction, also called the law of assumption, make us more aware of what’s going on in our mind. […]


I like to think of ourselves as bubbles. I like to see thoughts and feelings like bubbles. And the whole world also, as just a bubble. Bubbles can be very strong but they can pop. Our whole world can pop, our identity can pop. They can change in color, shape and number too. They can […]


I believe the feeling of relaxation is what we truly want in life. We feel relaxed when we are happy, in love, doing things that we like. We feel relaxed when we can just be ourselves, when we are totally accepted. I find it healthy on the body level, to look for situations, places, people, […]


Freedom to me is the freedom to be as we are right now as well as the freedom to be what we want to be. It is not so much the freedom from anything. I feel free when I am free to be angry, depressed, lost in thoughts, scared, whatever feels uncomfortable, as well as […]

What is self-love?

Self-love is not only about the body, the human appearance. It goes far beyond that. And I don’t think we should love ourselves. It is ok not to love ourselves. Being ok with not loving ourselves is self-love. It is the beginning of real self-love for me. Feeling ok as we are. It is not […]

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