Doing or not doing and is there a doer?

In my bubble, doing or not doing is not what matters. What matters is where is the doing or not doing coming from. Doing and not doing appear through an apparent person, a me, but is that person responsible for it?  Is the character in a dream responsible for its actions? Isn’t the dreamer the source of the whole dream? Who is the dreamer then? And can the characters in the dream, us, know the dreamer? Is the dreamer a big person or energy, meaning indivisible, unlimited, unknowable? These questions are not necessarily meant to find an answer but to make us think differently, to open our minds to other possibilities than what appears as real, factual, solid.

From the point of view of life being a dream and all in it (including me) being dreamed, the me cannot be the source. In non-duality, I often hear that because the me is not the doer, we should just relax and let life happen. It is a way of living that can bring either frustration and depression or a lot of relaxation and well-being. If well-being being is the case, good. If not, it shows it is not our truth. Still, beyond that, who is deciding to relax? Who is the doer of not doing? The one deciding to relax is still a me thinking it can make decisions and act on them. Sounds like the me is still believed to be the doer.

So what is the truth of doership? Is there a universal truth that we can find individually? I think, based on my explorations and experiences so far (based on a me), that there is no truth to be found, only personal truth, and if a me finds its truth and lives by it, then suffering can end. And this is just my truth in this moment, not the truth. The truth only in my life, my world, my bubble, which is made of nothing. And you and me are appearing in my bubble according to my truth, my beliefs. Everything I do or not do, comes out of what I believe. That makes beliefs the doer and when beliefs come from the past, conditioning, culture, others…they are not authentic and make us feel separate.  

If we realize that and become conscious of our unconsciousness, then doing changes naturally. Its source is now consciousness rather than unconsciousness. Hell becomes heaven because the more conscious we become, the more authentic (true to the me) actions become. Separation ends (the war inside us) and the whole world which is a reflection supporting our beliefs changes accordingly. I believe we are being (non-duality, timeless, unknown, unseen, energy, life, nothing, god…) playing the game of becoming (duality, time, known, seen, matter, death, everything, separation…) for the fun of it. We are consciousness playing unconscious in a game of time where it is possible to grow into more consciousness. And that belief works for me. That’s what matters. Me, my life, my world, my bubble and my bubbles, are becoming more and more peaceful since the source of my actions or non-actions is more and more based on consciousness 😉    

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