Freedom to me is the freedom to be as we are right now as well as the freedom to be what we want to be. It is not so much the freedom from anything. I feel free when I am free to be angry, depressed, lost in thoughts, scared, whatever feels uncomfortable, as well as free to be happy, joyful, confident without being self- conscious about it.

I don’t see it as being a perfect human, free from what we call bad. To me, a perfect human has all feelings, be them considered good or bad. And freedom also includes wanting only the good ones. Freedom includes everything.

Maybe the only thing we can really be free from is suffering. Because it is a dream, it is not real it is not natural. It’s an add on to natural feelings like anger or sadness. In my experience of this dream, we are free from it once we are ok with it. So ok that we can look at its real cause and all the tricky games we play with ourselves. A non- attached, non-identified, non-judgmental, non-emotional, non-manipulative looking. Can a human look at itself this way? Who is it that is looking? Who is freedom for? Who wants freedom?

Beyond all talks, all teachings, all wants, all actions, non-actions, all thoughts, emotions, feelings, bodies…Who am I?

I am a human being. A limited, judgmental, seeking pleasure body AND I am spirit, God, this moment, universal energy…the unknowable. I am the known and the unknown at the same time. Form and formless, human and being. The human part is in a physical world with time, duality, thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions, others… The being part just is. It is beyond time, duality, form. Timeless, unconditional, formless. It is all there is, meaning the human appears in it. The human is experienced, it is not really experiencing, it only seems to. To live a healthy dream, free from suffering, we must consider the two. We are both but we have it backwards. We are being human. Not a human being.  

Once the being is put forward, freedom is unveiled. But words are human. They cannot explain the unknown. It seems the human makes the decision to practice putting the being first. There is only being dreaming it is a limited confused human looking for freedom from this confusion. And what is spirit made of? What are dreams made of? Nothing. There is only nothing. Appearing as everything. Nothing is everything and everything is nothing. And is that even true? Who says it is true or untrue? Is freedom truth?

It seems complicated when it is not lived, when the illusory human wants to know something through thoughts. It is very simple when the human mind bubble pops and nothing is recognized. Bubbles still appear but they don’t mean identity anymore.

Does that mean the dream stops? Does that mean the game and its characters stop? That’s where the freedom to be what we want to be comes in.

First, see clearly, then play the game. First see that who you really are is free to be everything, then choose what feels good to this unique body you are dreaming of. Choice has to be limited for each human to be its own uniqueness and the right choice is found in feelings, not thinking. This human body is your guide. The feelings appearing in it let you know if you are going toward its true potential or not. The best way to live ends up following what feels good. Learning to relax, listen and test is necessary in the dream for freedom from suffering.   

Beyond all, there is only freedom, all is freedom. It is because it is freedom that it appears as everything. The bad is freedom as much as the good. Duality is for the human mind, not the being mind. We feel incomplete because there is rejection of the bad. What we are missing is not more pleasure, what we are missing is the freedom to be in pain. And that does not mean staying in the pain. It means we are pain becoming pleasure. Because being is playing the game of becoming. So it has to change. It only stays when we are against what we are. Sometimes I am pain, sometimes I am pleasure and in the dream, I can choose pleasure because it is what benefits the body, not because pain is bad. It is a choice that comes from love, from freedom, instead of a choice that comes from an idea of what should be.

A free life is a life lived from freedom. It is not a life lived for freedom from pain.

It all becomes clearer when the priority is put on being (internal first, formless first, feelings first) and once a balance is created between the two, being and becoming.    

Freedom is already, as being, and you must live from it, as a human, to realize it.   

This is the story of my bubble dream that I share here. It is my truth, not the truth.  And in my bubble dream, relaxation, exploration and action are the illusory way to the freedom that is already here.      

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