To me, the law of attraction is not an absolute truth. It is true in the dream but the dream is not true. It is duality and not complete without non-duality.  

Teachings about the law of attraction, also called the law of assumption, make us more aware of what’s going on in our mind. It is a great therapy technique. To think it is the solution for our suffering is a mistake.  

To me it all starts with who we think we are. Manifestation is how the dream works and we are always manifesting based on our identity. Any manifestation, even beautiful, is confused and bound to create more confusion if it comes out of the belief that I am a separate human having a life of its own.

To believe that manifesting our desires will make us happy, change the world and solve all our problems is confusion. This law is not a truth, not a need and not personal. It is not about being rewarded for our good manifestation techniques 😉

As I see it, all these beliefs perpetuate confusion, suffering, shame, guilt, unworthiness, comparison, separation, arrogance. They come from the original thought that I am separate from life and need to control it for my happiness or the happiness of the world.   

Thoughts are already manifestations that come to us according to who we believe to be. Seeing, becoming aware that the body is a thought, is the beginning of conscious manifestation. Out of that realization, doing, thinking and manifesting start coming from wholeness.

This happens when we get honest about our suffering and realize we are still missing something, no matter how good we are at manifesting pleasure. When we see pleasure is temporary and linked to pain.  When we see nothing we think is the truth, including the one that sees that.

Otherwise, we are manifesting unhappiness on earth even if we are successful manifesting happiness in our personal life. There is no personal happiness, only personal pleasure, which inevitably goes with pain. Happiness is universal and until I know myself as universal and that human life happens based on what I believe to be, true happiness is not possible.

Who or what am I? Who or what do I believe myself to be?

(Important note: Nothing is wrong with believing we are separate in the first place, that is the game of the dream. And the game is also about evolving out of that belief. All our suffering is guiding us to inquire about ourselves and explore what is. Ultimately it is guiding us into unity, true relaxation and clear manifestation <3) 

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