I believe the feeling of relaxation is what we truly want in life. We feel relaxed when we are happy, in love, doing things that we like. We feel relaxed when we can just be ourselves, when we are totally accepted.

I find it healthy on the body level, to look for situations, places, people, activities, that give us that feeling. But something will always be missing and relaxation will never be total if we don’t see that the body lives in relaxation. That relaxation is here already. That we don’t need to look for it in situations, places, people, activities. We don’t need but we can if we want to. For the pleasure of it, not because something is wrong with us and we need to find the right way to be.

There is a relaxation beyond the body, beyond everything. It is overlooked because our focus is on the external world as being the truth and what we should focus on. And the more painful the world is, the more we think we have to focus on it. Looking deeply inside ourselves reveals a whole different world. The world we dream of and want to force on the outside. Once it is seen, the outside starts to change naturally. Not always to our preference but it does not matter like before because we are in touch with the unconditional relaxation that allows all to be as it is.

So as well as relaxing the body, what about being relaxation and seeing from its point of view? Would relaxation judge us harshly for being tensed? What about treating ourselves more like relaxation would? How would the body feel?    

Feeling better now without relaxing more is possible. Just as we are, being relaxed, trying to relax or not being relaxed. True relaxation is unconditional. It can also be called love. It is relaxed about the body not being relaxed and the way to know that is to test it, live it.   

I like to speak loving words to my body, focusing on the feeling of these words. If there is tension, I reassure the body that all is well and then, do something to release the tension if I want to. And the doing comes from relaxation.       

I have been able to start speaking loving words authentically once I understood, through observation and inquiry, that I don’t really know who I am and what this is. That thoughts don’t mean truth and that I can see and feel differently right now.

If you feel angry, hateful, jealous, sad, stressed, anxious…any of the feelings we consider negative, It is ok. It is totally ok. You don’t need to change now. You are loved already and nothing can change that. Feel the energy of these words inside your body. It takes time for the body to feel relaxed because it has been taught fear. It is ok. I think the game of human life is to teach love to the body by shifting our focus inside and start seeing with the eyes of love. Love does not judge or try to change anything. It shines a new light and a natural transformation happens.      

The external world that seems so broken and serious can become lighter and enjoyable when we look in our internal world. Who is the one looking at the external world? Who am I? If we are wrong about who we are, everything will appear wrong, no matter what we do or not do. When we discover ourselves, a natural relaxation arises that guides our actions and is felt in all situations <3      

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